Wind turbine assessments

Advancing clean and safe energy generation

Wind turbine assessments

Skyguide has joined with other government affiliated organisations to support the Federal Council’s “Exemplary Energy and Climate” programme.

Reducing the impact of industry on the environment, in the air and on the ground, is one of the core objectives of Skyguide, alongside improving safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of aviation.

A wind turbine can reflect, distort or block the electromagnetic signals emitted by radar and other vital air traffic management system transmissions. Skyguide has thus developed a technical expertise in assessing whether wind farms risk reducing the performance of such critical safety services.

Skyguide is helping wind-farm planners by advising on optimal locations for their projects early in the planning process, carrying out assessments to determine whether the proposed plants will interfere with Air Traffic Management (ATM) equipment transmissions and whether the height of the wind-farm exceeds obstacle clearance criteria for the relevant airspace area.


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