Skyguide training center, your all-in-one ATM training provider offering a comprehensive product portfolio enabling safe and efficient Air Traffic Services.


STC is internationally certified according to European Commission Regulation 2015/340 and nationally approved as a school for higher vocational training (HF – Höhere Fachschule/ ES – Ecole supérieure). All courses are in line with EUROCONTROL’s Common Core Content and are conducted by multilingual instructors with international operational and pedagogical experience. Using state-of-the-art training equipment in a modern air traffic control center, STC is able to provide you training in all air traffic management topics with a strong operational focus.



Development training


The skyguide training center (STC) is internationally certificated to provide high-quality ATM training.

Human performance has to do with the interactive behaviour between people, tasks and systems. Optimising this interaction leads to greater efficiency, higher accuracy, and improved quality. Human factors training is our multidisciplinary effort to support you in attaining – and retaining – an efficient and successful team.


The training curriculum also includes proven elements in human performance, such as:

  • Team work and team roles: principles of team work, responsible behaviour
  • Communication: types, filters and barriers to communication, effective and correct feedback
  • Conflict management: different types, solutions to conflicts, conflicts at work
  • Change management: phases of life, perception in changes, how to manage change
  • Stress management: types, reactions and consequences of stress, relaxation methods
  • Self-reflection: Johary window, learning / thinking styles, examining my motivations
  • Methodical competence: accurate use of learning methods, planning and evaluation
  • Behaviour-oriented training / coaching methods.


Basic familiarisation course in Air Traffic Management


The introductory course provides an introduction to air traffic control operations and is designed for individuals with little or no knowledge of air navigation services. Specifically:

  • new employees from all skyguide departments
  • new employees with a national supervisory authority who deal directly or indirectly with air navigation service
  • independent contractors working on skyguide operations projects
  • other interested parties working closely with air navigation services, such as operational engineering and airport planning staff



State-of-the-art simulation systems


Air traffic controllers use simulators as part of both their basic and continuation training. The simulation equipment we use corresponds as far as possible to the actual systems being used. Thanks to simulation, new procedures can be used for instruction before their introduction and the most diverse traffic scenarios can be reproduced for training purposes.




The skyguide training center in our air navigation service center in Dübendorf operates a large, state-of-the-art simulation system. A room covering an area of around 950 m2 houses numerous radar and tower simulators. A second simulation center is deployed in Geneva.