Wind turbine assessments

Skyguide must ensure that technical installations are not compromised by external influences, and due regard is paid to all building restrictions relating to the relevant protection zones.

The ground installations throughout Switzerland are essential to managing and monitoring the air traffic:

  • Radars constantly track the positions and movements of all the flights concerned,
  • Transmitters and receivers ensure effective communication between pilots and air traffic controllers,
  • Navigation aids guide the pilots through the airspace down to the runways,
  • Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP) ensure safe separation of airspaces from any obstacle throughout Switzerland.


As safety has to be maintained in all phases of flight, every effort must be undertaken to reduce to a minimum any disturbances of the systems and procedures.

A wind turbine can reflect, distort or block the electromagnetic signals emitted by a Communication-, Navigation- or Surveillance-(CNS)-installation. Due to Swiss topography, this can also happen at a distance of several ten kilometers. Therefore it is vital to determine in advance whether a projected wind farm will be compatible with existing CNS installations and IFP.



© pictures by Suisse Eole

Contribution to the Energy Strategy 2050


Skyguide has built up a competence centre to improve the technical assessment methods regarding CNS facilities and to improve the coordination with and between stakeholders. As a non-stock corporation owned by the Swiss Confederation skyguide participates with other government-affiliated companies in the «Exemplary Energy and Climate» Group. The Swiss Confederation’s lead by example is part of a package of measures of the «Energy Strategy 2050» to demonstrate that substantial energy savings are achievable and to show how this can be done.
It is in skyguide’s objectives to support wind farm applicants regarding the adequate locations of their planned projects, and to provide them with a sustainable reply already very early in their process. Should an assessment show a negative impact, a solution finding process can be initiated.


© pictures by Suisse Eole