Advanced Remote Radar Simulation – Distance Learning

In February 2020, the regular Area Control Surveillance (ACS) Rating Course started as preliminary course as part of the standard training curriculum with a class of 18 student Air Traffic Controllers and 6 instructors.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the Federal Council’s decision to close the schools, the challenge became top priority to effectively balance the health and safety of our students and instructors with on-going business demand for uninterrupted supply of well trained and highly skilled air traffic controllers. Pragmatic options became paramount, as the likelihood of this course being put on hold for an unforeseeable timeframe became tangible.


After assessing with internal and external experts the possibility to use ROSE Simulation as the solution for radar training modules and Axians as the solution for technical services, the skyguide academy Management Team decided not to put the ongoing training course on hold. Instead, the decision was made to switch the whole model from an on-site instructor-based training to a remote simulator training experience, thus leveraging the existing E-Learning Access Network (ELAN) operated by the skyguide academy.



Within only 3 days, some 60 simulation runs including underlying data were implemented, a remote 1:1 coaching solution was put in place, an electronic debriefing system was setup for students and various virtual collaboration rooms for the different groups were established. Also a completely new roster of students had to be developed and scheduled. As a result, all students and experts involved could enjoy a remote access to the E-Learning Access Network.


After briefing and familiarization phases with all students and instructors, the Area Control Surveillance radar course seamlessly restarted as a remote online training.