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Promoting diversity

Promoting diversity


The aviation world is in a state of flux. Air navigation service providers must realign themselves to their customers’ changed needs. Skyguide is managing the transformation involved through a series of measures that should achieve these objectives. These include promoting individual responsibility and initiative, and trusting its employees to channel all their varied experiences into the work they perform.


Skyguide is an attractive employer. This is confirmed by the annual survey which is conducted by employer branding specialist Universum. Once again in 2019, skyguide was able to maintain its high ratings in various survey categories, and even improve them in some.


Skyguide attaches great value to diversity within its workforce, along with the equal treatment of all employees and a harmonious collaboration among their different cultures. Some 34 nationalities are currently represented on the company payroll, spread over 14 locations. Skyguide offers attractive employment opportunities to newer and older members of the working world alike: in 2019, around a fifth of its workforce were either younger than 29 or older than 55.


More women in management positions

Skyguide puts a particular emphasis on ensuring equal opportunities for women and men. The company offers flexible working models such as part-time or teleworking arrangements that make it easier to reconcile the twin demands of work and family. Skyguide also takes a range of further actions to support women in their professional careers within the company, such as the in-house “skywomen” network, workshops and talks on diversity issues and a mentoring programme that is open to all employees. The company already has two women on its Board of Directors and two female members of its Executive Board.

For skyguide, equal opportunities also means equal salaries for the same job. And the company’s earning of the Fair-ON-Pay Certificate in 2019 confirms that it pays fair salaries – irrespective of the gender of the employees concerned.


Accompanying the transformation process

The further march of digitalisation demands new thinking approaches for any company seeking to maintain its success. To accompany this cultural change, skyguide launched a further training programme for its executives in 2019 that is centred on leadership, communication and involving subordinates to achieve the transformations desired. The new programme will be continued in 2020.


Social partnership: cultivating dialogue

Skyguide promotes dialogue with all its social partners, with the aim of sustainably maintaining excellent working terms and conditions for all its employees. The company’s social partners were further expanded in 2019 with the addition of a sixth staff association.

In view of the expiration in 2019 of the existing collective labour agreement for the company’s administrative, operational and technical (AOT) personnel, the contractual partners agreed to extend the present accord until the end of 2021.


Aligned to digital learning

Skyguide is making ever greater use of the latest learning methods and technologies in its basic and further training activities. Digital learning tools and materials are available 24 hours a day, making the learning process far more flexible for the trainees. In a further development here, skyguide should soon be providing complex simulation exercises, too, to enable its trainees to acquire the requisite skills and expertise, individually or in groups, at a time of their choosing.


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