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2017 skyguide business day focuses on landmark infrastructure project and key airspace needs

The fifth annual skyguide business day was held yesterday at the Stade de Suisse in Bern. The event saw skyguide customers, air navigation services partners, the Swiss Air Force, the authorities, further representatives of the Swiss aviation community and international specialists meet with the company’s management corps to discuss the latest developments and trends.

The prime focus at this year’s skyguide business day was on the future design and development of airspace and infrastructure under the Airspace and Aviation Infrastructure Strategy Switzerland (AVISTRAT-CH) programme, which is being led by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation. The meeting also took a close and careful look at airspace development from a military perspective.


The United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority, a special international guest at this year’s event, contributed its own experiences and impressions, derived from its management and monitoring of UK airspace. And further broader perspectives were gained through an illuminating comparison of the air and rail transport markets.


The event closed with a panel discussion of the topics and challenges covered, which produced further intense and lively debate.


Over 220 persons attended this year’s skyguide business day. The 2018 event will take place on 15 November.