Coflight Cloud Services enables air navigation service providers to access a higher level of technology.

Coflight Cloud Services (CCS) is the result of a collaboration between DSNA, ENAV, MATS and skyguide, in order to provide a remote flight data processing service. It is used as part of the SESAR programme and complies with the new European regulations on the construction of the Single European Sky (SES).

CCS brings multiple benefits. First of all, this service offers better air traffic management and superior performance thanks to one of the most advanced flight data processing systems in Europe, allowing interoperability (SWIM and IOP). This service is developed by Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) for ANSPs, thus providing leading expertise in the in-depth understanding of air traffic management and customers operating in this sector.


Furthermore, aligned with the Virtual Centre concept, the CCS centralises flight data processing services and allows ANSPs to use the system remotely, sharing the investment and operating costs associated with the project. This service also reduces CO2 emissions by reducing distances flown by aircraft as well as the waiting and rolling times. Centralization of the system also reduces the environmental impact related to infrastructure (electricity, logistics).


Finally, CCS guarantees service continuity by doubling the location of its data center in Europe, and achieves an optimal level of security.


Find more information: www.coflight-cloud-services.com