Multi-layered approach to foster gender diversity

Multi-layered approach to foster gender diversity

At skyguide, we are convinced that differing talents and profiles contribute to innovation. With this in mind, we make continuous efforts to promote gender diversity and sustain the development of our human capital.


Thanks to our Diversity Management program, established in 2013, we have reinforced our commitment to creating and fostering a supportive environment in which all individuals can realise their maximum potential. We strive to employ outstanding people and allow them to do an outstanding job, regardless of their differences.


In early 2018, we broadened the scope of this program, thus paving the way for various initiatives aiming at boosting women’s careers and eliminating some of the obstacles that they may face in their working lives. Be it at management level, in the hiring process, through training and development programs or mentoring and networking initiatives, the actions we take have an impact at all levels in the company.


Through the “Skywomen” initiative for instance, women working at skyguide are encouraged to expand their network and to join a mentoring program to support them in furthering their personal and professional development. Not only that, but we provide internal training courses with the aim of developing leadership and management skills, improving performance or building a network efficiently.


By joining Advance – Women in Swiss Business in 2017, skyguide also combined its efforts with a larger scale association and network willing to increase the share of women in leading positions in Switzerland. On the initiative of Advance, our CEO along with other CEOs of Swiss-based companies will give a written commitment to gender equality and bring the topic on the agenda in the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2018.