Skyguide in 2010: still on course despite exceptional developments

Skyguide reports an overall net surplus of CHF 6.1 million for 2010, an increase on the CHF 2.59 million of 2009. The operating result for 2010 amounted to CHF -11.69 million, a decline on the CHF -9.14 million of the prior year that was still within budgeted parameters thanks to continuous cost economies and despite a number of extraordinary events which impacted ad-versely on earnings. The red-ink nature of the operating result is still due to the well-known structural underfunding of the services provided by skyguide at re-gional aerodromes and in the adjacent airspace of neighbouring countries dele-gated to its control. From 2011 onwards, following changes to the corresponding legal parameters, the company should be able to gradually eliminate the accumu-lated deficit here over the next few years.