Skyguide presents PBN operations at Helitech International 2017

Skyguide presents PBN operations at Helitech International 2017

In early October, skyguide presented its achievements at the Helitech International in London 2017. During the event, skyguide focused on Performance-based Navigation (PBN) to support helicopter operators. Visitors looking for development and benefit from PBN applications showed great interest and engagement for this product and made our attendance a real success.


The Low Flight Network, the helicopter approach in fog of Meiringen and the Point-In-Space to the Insel Hospital in Berne demonstrated skyguide’s experience and great collaboration with our partner and customer Rega. Skyguide can be proud to support Rega, one of the most advanced Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in the world, with its new ordered Leonardo 169 glass-cockpit and de-iced.


We are now looking forward to placing our expertise at the service of international customers and make them benefit from skyguide’s unique experience in Helicopter PBN operations.


Read our factsheet on PBN approaches and find out further details about our related services on https://www.skyguide.ch/en/services/b2b-services/.