Career Types

Our 1500 employees are located at 14 locations and come from a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds. We offer attractive working conditions where you’ll have the tools and training to thrive and succeed in your professional and personal development.

Skyguide has over 560 civil and military air traffic controllers. Over 300 engineers, technicians and IT-Experts are responsible for the development and maintenance of the complex technical installations and facilities.
Operators of aeronautical data manage the necessary information to ensure a smooth continuation of the air traffic. Other experts are in charge of the planning and development. In addition, there’s the administrative staff and the numerous instructors at the skyguide academy, who are in charge of training the personnel in the operations.


There are over 80 professions at skyguide in domains such as:

  • civil and military air traffic control
  • air defense
  • aeronautical information
  • airspace and procedure design
  • installation and maintenance of technical facilities
  • IT
  • projects and development
  • training

  • financial, administrative and human resources

We also offer internships in many of these domains.