Why skyguide

Air navigation services is a highly-specialised domain which depends directly on the motivation, commitment and excellence of its people. We believe a positive working relationship, practiced every day, is as important to Switzerland’s air navigation service provider as it is to its customers and partners.



A committed employer

Because we are ultimately responsible for the safety of people, skyguide employees are a highly-skilled, highly-trained and highly-motivated team. We operate at 14 locations in Switzerland and ensure the maintenance of some 240 installations throughout the country.


Under mandate from the Swiss Confederation, we fulfill a public-service function. As a high reliability organisation, skyguide demands a lot from its staff, but also offers fascinating tasks and attractive working conditions. We are one of the largest employers in Switzerland and are held in high regard for our professional competence and spirit of innovation.


All this is the basis of the high loyalty of our workforce. The average seniority at skyguide is almost 12 years. We are committed to producing and retaining outstanding employees. Each year, we invest about 30 million Swiss francs – and a lot of passion – in the next generation of operations experts and for ongoing training of staff.


A progressive and socially responsible enterprise

We cultivate a dialogue between the company and the five staff associations, and constantly strive to enhance conditions of employment. All permanent staff are provided with collective labour agreements, regularly renegotiated, and enjoy generous contributions to their pension fund.


Over 35 nationalities are represented at skyguide, contributing to our cultural diversity. Women enjoy equal rights and opportunities in all areas and posts in the company. We welcome applications of individuals from all cultural and social backgrounds.



Through constant self-monitoring and reinvention, we structure the organisation to continuously and sustainably further improve our services. Key to achieving this is the high performance standards of our employees.




Social partnership: a constructive atmosphere

The aim of the social partnership is to support a positive working environment where each employee is given opportunities for professional and personal growth and where our organisation can progress. We cultivate a dialogue between the company and the associations and constantly strive to sustainably guarantee our excellent conditions of employment.


Skyguide provides all permanent staff with collective labour agreements, regularly renegotiated, and extends attractive terms and conditions to its entire personnel.



Trade unions

Skyguide’s social partners comprise five trade unions:

  • Aerocontrol Switzerland, Skycontrol and APTC, appearing under the roof of SwissATCA which acts also as a professional association
  • Syndicom is representing the administrative, operative and technical staff.
  • Association of the personnel of the confederation PVB/APC


Professional associations

The Swiss professional association for ANS technicians and engineers SATTA is an important partner as well. The professional associations are internationally organised within the following federations: